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Final week in year 4!


Well, I will finally bid my class farewell this Thursday, after 2 years together! I will be so sad to see them go but they will be in very capable hands with Miss Evans.

On Monday afternoon, we will be watching the year 6 production of ‘The Lion King’. It sounds fabulous when we have heard them rehearsing in the hall.

On Wednesday morning, there will be a teachers versus pupils football and netball match.

On Thursday morning after the gold card assembly, children can play with the games they bring from home and in the afternoon, we will be watching a film.

Please send in a carrier bag so that your child can bring home their books from this year.

It has been a pleasure to teach the children in my class and I wish them well for year 5.

Goodbye and good luck!

Mrs Abela.

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A testing week


We have been assessing the children this week in maths and everyone has completed 2 maths papers so far. 1 more to go and then 2 English papers – one reading and one spelling, grammar and punctuation. We should be finished by Wednesday and the results will help inform our decisions about the attainamnet of the children as they move into their new year groups in September.

As well as being assessed, we are still continuing with  our topic – LLandudno, which the children are enjoying immensely. This week we are going to be palnning a journey there and deciding what we would do when we got there. It will come in handy when we do visit Llandudno in July. Please let me know if you will be available to help out on the trip. It will be on Thursday 5th July.

We could also do with some help to visit the library this week (10am- 10.30am on Thursday 25th May). Please let me know if you can help out walking the children to and from the library at those times.

Championship winner thsis week is Kameron Collins and learning hero of the week was Samuel for showing great resilience in his writing this week. Well done guys.

I’m thrilled to say that our attendance has been slowly creeping up and this has resulted in us being awarded a baking afternoon. We will be having that this week (most probably Wednesday). Please keep this up as it matters so much that your children are in school.

Our class book of stories is almost ready to be published and in maths our unfootball tournament will be this Friday. We will send out invitations for that this week.

Next half term is going to be so busy with transition, camping (yeah!) and our trip to Llandudno. We are all looking forward to it.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Abela.

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A busy week!


This week has been extremely busy with SATS taking place for year 6 and our assembly. Thank you to everyone who came this morning. The children were fantastic as always and did us all proud.

We have been continuing with helping the Mad Hatter in maths and have been converting units of measure by dividing and multiplying by 1000.

In English, we are entering the writing phase for our stories in an imaginery world. Topic this week has seen us using Google Earth to wander through Llandudno and identify human and physical features of the landscape of Llandudno and place them on an OS map of Llandudno.

In science, we are looking at changes of matter- solids, liquids and solids.

Our attendance is slowly creeping up into the low 90s. It should be at least 96%. Please keep sending the children into school even if they feel a little under the weather. We will look after them and send them home if they become too poorly to remain in school.

Learning hero of the week was Princess for always displaying resilience in all aspects of her learning – she NEVER gives up. Well done Princess!

Championship winners this week were Jackson, Lewis and Kameron. Great Job guys!

We are looking forward to our up – coming trip to Llandudno in July. News to follow soon.

Also coming up is our un-football tournament. Watch out for details soon!

Bring an adult to school day is on 20th June 2017 at 1.30pm until 3.00pm. The theme is making /building structures out of paper. Dads- get your thinking hats on!

We will  be testing the children in maths, reading, spelling and grammar over the next two weeks. Please make sure they all have a good nutritious breakfast so that they are able to fully focus on the assessments.

Thank you. Have a great weekend.

Mrs Abela.


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Easter Excitement!


We have finished now for 2 weeks holiday and when we return, we will be in  a BRAND NEW classroom as ours is being refurbished.

The children have done very well this week considering they were in a bare, boring classroom. Well done to all of you!

Jayden won the Easter egg competition with his dinosaur scene. A great job Jayden and well done to his dad who even blew the eggs for him!

Championship winner this week was Perry. Well done Perry. House Honesty won the reward for this term and spent some time in the hall on the bouncy castle reward. These included Bliss, Olivia, Lewis, Kameron, Thomas and Dylan Chant. Keep up the good work guys – You’re doing it for the team!

Please make sure you are up to date with the changes we have made to our behaviour system. Your child will be able to tell you more as  well as the letters that have been sent home.

Attendance last week went down to 93%, which is 4% below the National average. Please keep sending your chid in every morning and we will send them home if they become too ill to be in school.

Have a lovely Easter and come back refreshed for a fabulous push in our last term as year 4s!


Mrs Abela.


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An amazing week and a new beginning!


We have had a fabulous week in our class this week, which culminated in our bring an adult to school day yesterday when we had lots of extra visitors in school for our Mother’s day activities.

We have finished our maths project which we will end completely on Thursday with our ‘Egyptian Extravaganza!’

Please join us at 2.15pm for what we hope will be an enjoyable experience with singing, dancing and acting. Our championship winner this week was Jackson. Great stuff Jackson! House point winner was Honesty. Christopher had a special award for empathy when he quickly acted to help Lewis when he was sick. Well done Christopher. Star worker this week has been Lewis, Finty, Isra and Jackson.

Our whole school behaviour system has been reviewed and some new procedures are in place, such as the isolation room. Your child will most likely be keen to inform you all about it as they were told about it in assembly this morning.  Please do not worry about not knowing all the information as you will receive a letter next week giving you all the details.

We are very lucky in year 4 as our classes are the first to be refurbished as part of a whole school project. We are having our class remodelled, painted, new carpets, tables, chairs and fixed storage along with a built in reading area. We CAN’T wait. Our class will be bare for a week but when we return after Easter, we will have a brand new classroom.

Some more fabulous news is that our class attendance was 99.7% last week. Thank you for making sure your child was in school every day. It really does matter.Please keep it up.

Coming up: Egyptian Extravaganza: Thursday 30th March at 2.15pm in the main hall. Please come along and have some fun.

Friday 31st March : School breaks up fro Easter half term.

Returning on TUESDAY 18th April.

Have  a lovely weekend.

Mrs Abela.

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A fabulous week!


What we week we’ve had in class 4HA. We visted the Ashton Central Mosque ansd had a great learnig experience. We were so proud of how the children behaved and the questions they asked and answered.

In English, we are still writing our newspaper reports on the discovery of Tutenkahumun’s tomb. We have written descriptions of the tomb, character descriptions and letters in role as Howard Carter.

Maths ahs seen us doubling and halving numbers using partitioning, converting analogue and digital times and solving missing number problems.

Championship winners this week are: Nairit, Princess and Perry. Great Job!!

House point winners this week are: Honesty.

 We stilll need to improve our class attendance. This week was slightly better, but remains below the national average.

Star workers this week were: Princess, Lewis, Isra and Riley. Well done to you all .   

Learning hero this week is Lewis for the commitment he shows to all areas of his learning.

Coming this week: Reports to parents Monday 13th March.

Parent’s evening Thursday 16th March. Please make an appointment to see me regarding your child’s progress to date.

Have a fabulous weekend.

Mrs Abela.

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Spring 1.


The first week back  has been as busy as ever and the children have risen to the challenge of working hard to make this a  successful half term. We are still in Ancient Egypt and have had a visit from Howard Carter himself this week to tell us all about discovering Tutankhamun’s tomb. The children asked some very good questions to enable them to write their newspaper reports in English. In maths, we have helped Howard Carter escape from the tomb by solving area and perimeter problems and now we are planning a fantastic play to perform for our friends and families. We are in the process of making some fabulous collages of Ancient Egypt. Look out for them on twitter!

We celebrated World Book Day in style with eveyone putting in great effort with their costumes. Jayden won best dressed for our class. Well done Jayden and thank you to the adults at home who helped all the children look so wonderful.

The visit to the mosque is this Thursday at 10.00am. We are all looking forward to that and have some very good questions prepared to ask.

Championship winners this week are Cory, Olivia, Nairit, Chidera and Wahib. Well done guys!

Attendance needs to be better in our class as it is consistently below the national average of 97%

Upcoming events:

Reports will be going out to parents on Monday 13th March and parent’s evening is on Thursday 16th March.

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Another busy week!


We have had a very busy and productive week. We have almost finished our persuasive leaflets trying to get the Pahraoh to eat at our favourite restaurants. The Egyptian Council still aren’t convinced and would like us to debate whether the Pharaoh should go to a fast food restaurant, so this coming week we will be debating, usng our verbal skills of persuasion to try to make them allow the Pharaoh to eat at the restaurants of our choice.

In maths, we are making some food for the Pharaoh to sample, so that should be great fun!

Our championship winners this week were: Cory, Megan and Christopher. Well done guys.

Learning hero if the week was Finty for an improved attitude all around and for bringing a lot to our class. Thank you Finty!





Secret students this week were: Thomas, Perry, Lewis, Dylan Chant and Nairit.

Our attendance has improved slightly this week, but we need to keep up the effort to get into school every day.

We finish for a week on Friday 17th February.

Look out for some upcoming trips (one to the Mosque and one to the Manchester Museum).

Have  a great weekned!

Mrs Abela/Mrs Climance


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Advertising Heaven


This week we have been using TV adverts and print adverts to help us generate language features for our own persuasive leaflets to convince the Pharaoh to eat at our favourite restaurants. I wonder where he will choose to go? In maths, we have been converting fractions to decimals and adding amounts using column addition and word problems. In topic, we have looked at the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt and this week we will be looking at the importance of the River Nile to the people of ancient Egypt.


Winners of the championship this week were Lewis and Jasmine. Well done guys!  Star of the week was Thomas for his fantastic contribution to our English lessons this week. What he doesn’t know about TV and advertising isn’t worth knowing! House point winners were determination.

Our class attendance is still well below the expected National Average of 97%. Please make sure your child is n school everyday that they can be. They miss so much when they aren’t in school.

Looking forward, we are organising a trip to Manchester Museum to see the Egyptian exhibition and hopefully a visit to the local Mosque. We hope to be going in the next half term. Have a great weekend!

Mrs Abela and Mrs Climance.

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Another great week!


This week we have finally finished our adventure stories and we are moving on to persuasive texts. The Great Pharaoh is coming to Manchester and we have to persuade him to eat the same food as we do.

In maths, we will be pricing his food and deciding where he would get the best deals.

In science, we are studying electricity. Please help the children with the research questions we have given them for homework.

Well done to Cory, who is our championship winner this week and to Dylan Heaney, our learning hero of the week because of his wonderful writing that gives us all goosebumps!

In our topic lessons, we will be learning more about the kingdoms of ancient Egypt and the Pharaohs who ruled during them. House points winners this week are team determination.

In RE, we are learning about Islam. We have found out lots of interesting facts already and are looking forward to extending our knowledge further over the coming weeks.

We are loving having our secret student in class and the children love it when they are chosen by the secret child!

Attendance in our class is still below the expected national level. Please make sure that your child is on school every day that they can be.

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